Izmir AU Deposit

There are two old underground galleries in the study area which is operated by foreign companies in the past. The ancient gallery system is more than 150-200 metres and shows exploration and operation Because of the roof of the gallery is collapsed just 5 meters of the gallery is inspected. The old operators followed the quartz veins and operated just this section.

Regarding this the economical reserves are ;
Gold: 292.326.562.5 ton x 7,4gr/ton = = 2.163.21 ton
Silver: 292.326.562.5 ton x 5,5gr/ton = 1.607.796.093.75gr = 1.607.79 ton
Platinum: 292.326.562.5 ton x 6,9gr/ton = = 2.017.10 ton
Palladium: 292.326.562.5 ton x 9,2gr/ton = 2.689.404.375gr = 2.689,40 ton

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